MedCityNews feature: Startups in third Cedars-Sinai accelerator class reveal partnerships with hospitals and others

This article originally appeared in MedCityNews and is cross-posted here. 

This fall, the Cedars-Sinai accelerator, which is powered by Techstars, unveiled its third cohort of healthcare startups.

The 10 companies that made the cut are using various technologies to innovate and solve the industry’s problems.

Now, after participating in the three-month program, the startups have announced deals and partnerships with numerous players in the space.

Here are the startups and the organizations with which they’re working.

Avia, which allows hospital patients to contact their care team through a voice-powered device, has a contract with Los Angeles-based Cedars-Sinai. It also has deals with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Santa Clarita, California, and a local skilled nursing facility.

CancerAid is an Australian company aimed at helping the cancer community. Its app includes various resources — including individualized cancer therapy information — for patients. It now has a one-year contract with Cedars-Sinai and multiple contracts with cancer centers in Australia.

ChoiceMap‘s tool provides patients with personalized clinical recommendations and helps providers tailor care to each individual’s needs. The business will soon start a pilot program with a primary care practice within the Cedars-Sinai Medical Network.

Gyant utilizes artificial intelligence and text messaging or voice-enabled technology to help physicians diagnose and treat patients. It has contracts with Merck and Allianz.

In an effort to reduce the need for paper and binders in clinical trials, Invio created a content management system. The startup plans to pilot its technology during 10 studies conducted at Cedars-Sinai.

Lumeon developed a care pathway management platform that helps patients get appropriate follow-up care. In addition to piloting its solution with Cedars-Sinai, it has launched at 1,800 hospitals in the United Kingdom.

Based in Austin, Texas, NarrativeDx makes use of AI through its platform. The startup gathers patient comments from social media, review sites and other sources. It then analyzes them to help hospitals improve their patient experience. NarrativeDx has an agreement with Cedars-Sinai and 10 other hospitals in the United States.

Seremedi has contracts with three hospitals, including MD Anderson and the University of Texas. Through its CareScriptions solution, it provides tools to home caregivers. The company has a contract with Cedars-Sinai as well.

Sway Health provides digital preventive counseling and screening. The goal is not only to assist patients, but also to free providers from worrying about their patients staying up-to-date with screenings. It has an agreement with National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado.

Headquartered in Seattle, Tasso has a partnership with Cedars-Sinai, a contract with Insource Diagnostics, a deal with the U.S. Department of Defense and a deal with Merck. HemoLink, the startup’s wearable blood collection system, lets patients draw their blood samples for lab testing purposes.