Class Five Companies

Eleven of the most innovative digital health companies are joining us from June to September 2019 as part of the fifth class of the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator. Chosen from hundreds of startups, these eleven teams and their innovative products represent the best and brightest from our global community of health innovators.




AMPAworks uses computer vision AI to track and manage inventory in real-time so that doctors and nurses have the tools and supplies that they need to take care of patients.



Clinician Nexus

Clinician Nexus provides health systems, schools, and students with a platform that facilitates clinical rotation management.




Feedtrail has developed a real-time feedback platform that allows health systems to gather insight from both patients and staff.




FocusMotion creates data-driven orthopedic recovery solutions to automatically assess and monitor pre and post-op patients. They have created an IoT orthotic device, patient-facing application, and provider dashboard to assist with knee surgery recovery.



Hawthorne Effect

Hawthorne Effect has developed a technology and services platform to support remote and distributed models for conducting clinical trials.



Health Note

Health Note gathers pre-visit information and creates a doctor's note. When a patient schedules an appointment, Health Note sends out an SMS link that connects to their AI chatbot. The software auto-creates a physician's note in the EMR after asking the patient a series of questions via chatbot.




Lantum is a workforce management SaaS platform that supports healthcare staffing needs. Lantum offers enterprise tools to healthcare organizations for planning and scheduling shifts, as well as staff-focused applications to book and swap shifts.




NotiSphere is a platform that allows suppliers to electronically communicate with providers when announcing a recall and all related communications. Providers have a self-service portal that allows them to designate who in their organization gets notified when recalls are issued.



Parker Isaac Instruments

Parker Isaac Instruments has created a device for automation of adipose tissue separation. Their device is an automated dissection instrument which reveals lymph nodes from cancer resections.




Virti allows for creation and distribution of VR and AR educational content and provides predictive analytics for user performance.


Meet Our Alumni


Since 2016, the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator has welcomed 37 companies from three continents to the Innovation Space. This page lists all of the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator alumni companies that have graduated from its four classes. Learn more about any of the companies by clicking on the logos below.

To listen to interviews with them, watch their Demo Day pitches and news segments, and learn about the immense success they’ve achieved since joining the program, check out “Where are they now?”

“This is most exceptional program in the healthcare space, and it’s been a complete game changer for us.”
— Kim Bond Evans, Seremedi

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